Important Words from Article THE HINDU– 12 October 2018

By | October 12, 2018

Challenging Words from the Article 12-10-2018

1. Word: Cripple (निर्बल करना)
Pronunciation: krip-uh l/क्रिपल
Part of Speech: Verb
a. cause (someone) to become unable to walk or move properly.
b. cause a severe and almost insuperable problem for.
Synonyms: incapacitate, debilitate, undermine
Antonyms: strengthen, assist, support
Use in a Sentence: The national health system saved him from becoming a cripple.

2. Word: Glaring (भड़कीला, अतिस्पष्ट)
Part of Speech: Adjective
a. giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light.
b. staring fiercely or fixedly.
Pronunciation: glair-ing/ग्लेरिंग
Synonyms: flagrant, obvious
Antonyms: dim, obscure
Use in a Sentence: The report contained some glaring errors.

3. Word: Paradigm (आदर्श)
Part of Speech: Noun
Pronunciation: par-uh-dahym/पैरडाइम
a. a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.
b. a set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles.
Synonyms: prototype, standard
Antonyms: atypical example
Use in a Sentence:  The new paradigm will be different from the old one.

4. Word: Dismal (अप्रसन्न)
Pronunciation: diz-muh l/डिज़्मल
Part of Speech: Adjective
a. causing a mood of gloom or depression.
b. pitifully or disgracefully bad.
Synonyms: bleak, cheerless
Antonyms: pleasant, encouraging
Use in a Sentence: Her scheme was a dismal failure.

5. Word: Mandate (आदेश देना)
Pronunciation: man-deyt/मैन्डेट
Part of Speech: Noun, Verb
a. an official order or commission to do something. [Noun]
b. give (someone) authority to act in a certain way. [Verb]
Synonyms: order, command, instruction
Antonyms: prohibit, abolish, denial
Use in a Sentence: The organization was chosen with a mandate to reduce the size of government.

6. Word: Fatality (अपमृत्यु)
Pronunciation: fey-tal-i-tee/फटैलिटी
Part of Speech: Noun
a. an occurrence of death by accident, in war, or from disease.
b. helplessness in the face of fate.
Synonyms: casualty, mortality
Antonyms: survival, retrieval
Use in a Sentence: Different forms of cancer have different fatality rates.

7. Word: Endanger (विपत्ती में डालना)
Pronunciation: en-deyn-jeyr/एन्डैन्जर
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: put (someone or something) at risk or in danger.
Synonyms: imperil, jeopardize, menace
Antonyms: protect, safeguard, defense
Use in a Sentence: You will endangeryour health if you smoke.

8. Word: Enforcement (प्रचलन)
Pronunciation: en-fawrs-muh nt/एन्फोर्स्मन्ट
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: the act of compelling observance of or compliance with a law, rule, or obligation.
Synonyms:  imposition, implementation
Antonyms: dismissal, expiration
Use in a Sentence: The doctors want stricter enforcement of existing laws.

9. Word: Watered-Down
Pronunciation: waw-terd-doun
Part of Speech: Adjective
a. altered so as to be weaker in force, content, or value.
b. diluted with water.
Synonyms: weak, insipid, dilute
Antonyms: strong, refined, robust
Use in a Sentence: The House approved a watered-down version of the bill in November.

10. Word: Reiterate (दुहराना)
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: say something again or a number of times, typically for emphasis or clarity.
Pronunciation: ree-it-uh-reyt/रीइटरैट
Synonyms: repeat, iterate, duplicate
Antonyms: elapse, conceal, dismiss
Use in a Sentence: Before exam, my teacher reiterated all the important points.

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