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By | December 11, 2018


The Three Fishes

There were three fishes living in a pond. These fishes were friends and practically did everything together.

One day, a fisherman came across the pond and was delighted to see so many fishes. He invited fellow fishermen, and they made plans to cast the nets.

The wisest of the fishes made plans to find a different pond. While one of the fishes agreed, the third one of them denied saying that the pond was home and he shall not vacate it. The third fish further said that there had never been any danger in the pond. “I don’t see the point of leaving this pond. I think it is cowardly.”

The first two fish were unable to convince their friend, and so they decided to part ways.

The next day, when the fishermen cast their nets, the first two fishes escaped. However, while the third one gets caught. He had been unable to identify and act upon the problem and was now paying the price of neglecting danger.

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