Important Words from Article THE HINDU– 28 Feb 2019

By | February 28, 2019

➡ Challenging Words from the Article 28-02-2019

1. Word: Calibrated (अंशशोघित)
Pronunciation: kal-uh-breyt/ कैलब्रैटड
Part of Speech: Adjective, Verb
Meaning: a. (of an instrument’s readings) correlated with those of a standard. [Adjective]
b. carefully assess, set, or adjust (something abstract). [Verb]
Synonyms: gauged, measured, graduated
Antonyms: break
Usage in a Sentence: To correct this error radiocarbon dates are calibrated by studying the difference between radiocarbon dates and tree-ring dates.

2. Word: Imminent (आसन्न)
Pronunciation: im-uh-nuhnt/ इमनन्ट
Part of Speech: Adjective
Meaning: about to happen.
Synonyms: impending, approaching, near
Antonyms: distant, far-off, doubtful
Usage in a Sentence: He was faced with imminent death.

3. Word: Recrimination (अभियोग)
Pronunciation: ri-krim-uh-ney-shuh n/ रिक्रिमिनैशन
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: an accusation in response to one from someone else.
Synonyms: accusation, blame, reaction
Antonyms: pep talk, absolution
Usage in a Sentence: Instead, there was the dreary return to mutual recrimination.

4. Word: Obviate (टालना)
Pronunciation: ob-vee-eyt/ आब्वीएट
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: avoid or prevent (something undesirable).
Synonyms: preclude, prevent, avert
Antonyms: ask, need, necessitate
Usage in a Sentence: A peaceful solution would obviate the need to send a UN military force.

5. Word: Retaliate (बदला लेना)
Pronunciation: ri-tal-ee-eyt/ रिटैलीएट
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: make an attack in return for a similar attack.
Synonyms: repay, revenge, requite
Antonyms: forgive, pardon, excuse
Usage in a Sentence: If you are rude to me, I shall retaliate with equal rudeness.

6. Word: Triumphalism (अगणनीय संज्ञा)
Pronunciation: trahy-uhm-fuh-liz-uh m/ त्रिउम्फलिस्म
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: excessive exultation over one’s success or achievements (used especially in a political context).
Synonyms: high horse, flag-waving
Antonyms: humility, modesty
Usage in a Sentence: There wasn’t a hint of triumphalism in her acceptance speech at the awards ceremony.

7. Word: Cloud (छा जाना)
Pronunciation: kloud/ क्लाउड
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: make or become less clear or transparent.
Synonyms: obscure, fog, mist
Antonyms: clear, clarify, brighten
Usage in a Sentence: What is one man’s cloud is another man’s sunshine.

8. Word: Jingoism (कट्टर राष्ट्रवाद)
Pronunciation: jing-goh-iz-uh m/जिंगगोइज़म
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: extreme patriotism for one’s country that often shows itself through aggression towards other nations
Synonyms: chauvinism, extreme nationalism, flag-waving
Antonyms: internationalism, unbias
Usage in Sentence: The man’s jingoism led him to attempt to destroy a federal building as a show of loyalty for his own nation.

9. Word: Deterrents (धमकानेवाला)
Pronunciation: dih-tur-uhnt/ डिटरन्ट
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: a thing that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something.
Synonyms: impediments, obstacles, hindrances
Antonyms: goads, encouragements, agitations
Usage in a Sentence: The deterrentsagainst traders importing and exporting are minimal.

10. Word: Unleashed (फैलाया)
Pronunciation: uhn-leesh/ अन्लीश
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: release from a leash
Synonyms: discharge, free
Antonyms: hold, keep
Usage in a Sentence: At worst, nuclear war could be unleashed.

11. Word: Escalate (बढ़ाना)
Pronunciation: es-kuh-leyt/ एस्कलैट
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: increase rapidly, make or become more intense or serious.
Synonyms: intensify, heighten
Antonyms: diminish, abbreviate
Usage in a Sentence: The conflict could escalate rapidly into a full-scale war.

12. Word: Convene (बटुरना)
Pronunciation: kuhn-veen/ कन्वीन
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: come or bring together for a meeting or activity; assemble.
Synonyms: assemble, gather, collect
Antonyms: adjourn, cancel, disperse
Usage in a Sentence: The committee will convene at 11.30 next Thursday.

13. Word: Counsel (सुझाव देना)
Pronunciation: koun-suhl/ काउन्सल
Part of Speech: Verb
Meaning: give professional help and advice to (someone) to resolve personal or psychological problems.
Synonyms: advise, guide, direct
Antonyms: cheat, mislead, delusion
Usage in a Sentence: If the old dog barks, he gives counsel.

14. Word: Restraint (नियंत्रण)
Pronunciation: ri-streynt/रीस्ट्रैन्ट
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: a. a measure or condition that keeps someone or something under control.
b. unemotional, dispassionate, or moderate behaviour; self-control.
Synonyms: self-discipline, control
Antonyms: freedom, allowance
Usage in Sentence: The girl showed great restraint in not crying.

15. Word: Mirage (धोखा)
Pronunciation: mi-rahzh/ मराश़
Part of Speech: Noun
Meaning: an unrealistic hope or wish that cannot be achieved.
Synonyms: illusion, hallucination, delusion
Antonyms: reality, fact, actuality
Usage in a Sentence: It hovered before his eyes like the mirage of an oasis.

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