Last 6 Months Abbreviations for Upcoming Bank Exams

By | November 28, 2015
• Net Owned Funds–NOF
• Ultimate Loss Ratio–ULR
• Gilt Account Holders —GHA
• Early Warning System —EWS
• Multi-Level Marketing —MLM
• Export Credit Refinance–ECR
• Annual Percentage Rate —APR
• Cash Deposit Machines–CDMs

• Subsidiary General Ledger–SGL
• Counter-party Credit Risk —CCR
• Credit value adjustments —CVA
• Aadhaar Payment Bridge —APB
• Trade Receivables System —TReDS
• Overseas Direct Investments —ODI
• Dynamic Currency Conversion–DCC
• White Label ATM Operators –WLAOs
• Cardholder Preferred Currency–CPC
• Mortage gurantee companies —MGC
• Counter-Cyclical Capital Buffer–CCCB
• Bunch Note Acceptor Machines–BNAM
• Priority sector lending certificates —PSLCs
• Prepaid payment instruments issuers –PPIIs
• State-Level Coordination Committees–SLCC
• Financially Sound and Well-Managed–FSWM
• Asset Liability Management Committee–ALCO
• Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process–SREP
• Producers Organisation Development Fund–PODF
• Counter cyclical Capital Conservation Buffer —CCCB
• Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process —ICAAP
• Central Repository of Information on Large Credits —CRILC
• Date of Commencement of Commercial Operations —DCCO

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