Adjective + Preposition Combinations

By | June 12, 2016
Adjective + Preposition Combinations Followed by Gerunds
Verv + Preposition + verb+ing
The following is ONLY A SAMPLE LIST of the most commonly used adjective + preposition combinations that can be followed by gerunds.

Accustomed to=>
He is accustomed to having his own office.

Addicted to=>
She is addicted to watching TV.

Afraid of=>
She is afraid of speaking in public.

Anxious about=>
Norma is anxious about making the presentation.

Bored of=>
I am bored of doing the same old job.
capable of He is capable of winning a gold medal.

Committed to=>
She is committed to improving her English.

Concerned about=>
Nancy was concerned about being late.

Content with=>
Tim is content with winning second place.

Dedicated to=>
The organization is dedicated to ending poverty.

Devoted to=>
The money will be devoted to protecting the environment.

Disappointed with=>
Fiona was disappointed with coming in third place.

Discouraged by=>
He was discouraged by not getting the job.

Excited about=>
The researcher was excited about going to Africa.

Famous for=>
That actor is famous for being extremely weird.

Fond of=>
She is fond of having picnics.

Frightened of=>
She is frightened of being alone at night.

Guilty of=>
The banker was guilty of stealing money.

Happy about=>
He was happy about winning the lottery.

Interested in=>
She is interested in becoming a doctor.

Involved in=>
He was involved in making the movie.

Known for=>
She was known for causing problems.

Opposed to=>
They are opposed to building a new road in the park.

Proud of=>
He was proud of having completed the marathon.

Remembered for=>
She is remembered for protecting mountain gorillas.

Responsible for=>
He is responsible for causing the damage.

Scared of=>
Tina is scared of being alone at night.

Terrified of=>
The surfer is terrified of being attacked by a shark.

Tired from=>
She is tired from working all day.

Tired of=>
Margaret is tired of making dinner every night.

Worried about=>
The hikers were worried about not having enough water.
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