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By | June 12, 2016
<=> THE <=>
The definite article refers to a noun, either in the singular or plural. It can be used with uncountable nouns. The refers to a specific thing or quantity. It should be placed before the noun, or before the adjective which directly modifies the noun.
Please give me the hammer.
Please give me the red hammer; the blue one is too small.
Please give me the nail.
Please give me the large nail; it’s the only one strong enough to hold up this painting.
Please give me the hammer and the nail.

Use of ‘THE’=>
Rule.1=> The + Particular Thing (Noun)
The series of mountain ( Himalayas, Alps), sea (Red sea), oceans (Pacific), Rivers (Ganga,Nile), Bay (Bay of Bengal), A group of islands (Andmans,West Indies), Canals (Panama), Aeroplanes (Makalu), Ships (Vikrant), Direction (East, North), Desert (Sahara), Religion (Hindu), Physical Position (Top, bottom), Unique things (Sun, Moon, Earth), Musical Instrument (tabla, piano), Historical Building (Red Fort), A class of people (rich, poor, sick), Superlative Degree (tallest), Ordinal adjectives (first, second, next, last), Newspapers (The Hindustan Times), Public places (zoo, railway station).

1.×+Peaks of mountain (Everest)
2.Writer name ‘s + × + holy book name (Balmiki’s Ramayana)
3. × + Direction+placename ( × West Bengal)
4. × + last/next + time (day, week, month, years)
5. × + name of public place (× + Hazipur station)
×=No articles

Rule.2. The + comparative degree + of the two or more
Rama is the better of the two girls.

Rule.3. The + comparative + Subject + verb, The + comparative + S + V
The higher we go, the cooler we feel.

Rule.4. The + Particular part of body
Ramu hit me the eye.
=> × + general part of body
Eye is the sensitive organ
=>Desease + of + the + part of body
Cancer of the lung
=>Pronoun/preposition (at/in/on)+ × + Part of bodh
He cought my hand

Rule.5. When common Noun ——–> use as Abstract noun
The mother in my wife cried out.

Rule.6. × + Noun
×=No articles
Name of language/ Proper noun/ subjects/ metal/ material/ grain/ games / meal/ plural nouns/ abstract noun/ man/ woman/ nature/ science/ death/ life/ Parliament/ freedom/ festivals/ days of week/ months of year/ university etc.
Note:- × + Language=> Language
The + Language=> People
× + singular name country
The + plural name country
× India, The USA/West Indies
=> × + university name
The + university of place
× Delhi University
The university of Kurukshetra

Person…go to… =>Primary purpose + × + place name
Person….go to….=>Secondary purpose + the place name
Ram, the student went to school to study.
I went to the school to see the headmaster.

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