Spotting Errors Practice Set – I

By | August 9, 2015
Spotting Errors.
A. We discussed about the problem so thoroughly
B. on the eve of the examination
C. that I found it very easy to work it out.
D. No error.

A. An Indian ship
B. laden with merchandise
C. got drowned in the Pacific Ocean.
D. No error

A. I could not put up in a hotel
B. because the boarding and lodging charges
C. were exorbitant.
D. No error.

A. The Indian radio
B. which was previously controlled by the British rulers
C. is free now from the narrow vested interests.
D. No error.

A. If I had known
B. this yesterday
C. I will have helped him.
D. No error.

A. A lot of travel delay is caused
B. due to the inefficiency and lack of good management
C. on behalf of the railways.
D. No error.

A. One of the members
B. expressed doubt if
C. the Minister was an atheist.
D. No error.

A. I have got
B. my M.Sc. degree
C. in 1988.
D. No error.

A. Having received your letter
B. this morning, we are writing
C. to thank you for the same.
D. No error.

A. If you lend him a book
B. he will lend it to some one else
C. and never you will get it back.
D. No error.

A. According to the Bible
B. it is meek and humble
C. who shall inherit the earth.
D. No error.

A. Do the roses in your garden smell
B. more sweetly
C. than those in ours?
D. No error.

A. Block of Residential flats
B. are coming up
C. near our house.
D. No error

A. You can get
B. all the information that you want
C. in this book.
D. No error.

A. The students were
B. awaiting for
C. the arrival of the chief guest.
D. No error.