Spotting Errors Practice Set – II

By | November 16, 2015
A. Sixty miles
B. are
C. a good distance.
D. No error.

A. They have been
B. very close friends
C. until they quarrelled.
D. No error.

A. When the dentist came in
B. my tooth was stopped aching
C. out of fear that I might lose my tooth.
D. No error.

A. It is the duty of every citizen to do his utmost
B. to defend the hardly-won
C. freedom of the country.
D. No error.

A. No sooner did I open the door
B. when the rain, heavy and stormy, rushed in
C. making us shiver from head to foot
D. No error.

A. If a man diligently seeks to come into the contact
B. with the best that has been thought and said in this world
C. he will become simple and unselfish.
D. No error.

A. You must
B. remember me
C. to post this letter.
D. No error.

A. I shall certainly
B. write you
C. when I shall reach NewDelhi.
D. No error.

A. On the busy Ring Road
B. we witnessed a collusion
C. between a truck and an auto.
D. No error.

A. Mr.Praful Patel
B. is not attending his office
C. for the last one month.
D. No error.

A. He couldn’t but help
B. shedding tears at the plight of the villagers
C. rendered homeless by a devastating cyclone.
D. No error.

A. He will certainly help you
B. if you will ask him
C. in a pleasant manner.
D. No error.

A. The brand propositon now therefore had to be that Keokarpin Antiseptic Cream is more effective
B. because it penetrates deepdown (beinglight and non-sticky) and works from within
C. (because of its ayurvedic ingredients) to keep skin blemish, free and helps cope with cuts nicks, burns and nappy rash.
D. No error

A. Will you please buy
B. some jaggery for me
C. if you go to the market?
D. No error

A. Most of the members at the meeting felt
B. that the group appointed for investigating the case
C. were not competent to do the job efficiently.
D. No error.
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