Word Formation Part II

By | June 12, 2016
=>Word Formation<=

=Root word => Press
Press means to act upon something by applying force/weight; to squeeze something; to force to accept something; to iron (clothing etc.)
दबाना; किसी पर दबाव देना, दबाव बनाना, प्रेस(इस्तरी करना)

Compress=> Com means together
Compress means to press together; to say something in fewer words;
किसी को छोटा करना जैसे कि कंप्यूटर फाइल को छोटा करना

Depress=> De means down
Depress means to press down; to make or become sad or unhappy
दबना या उदास होना

Express=> Ex means out
Express means to press out to show an emotion, opinion, feelings etc. ; to state something clearly
भावना बाहर निकालना मतलब अपनी बात जाहिर करना

Impress=> im means in
Impress means to press a thing into or on something; to influence something or someone with opinion, idea etc.
प्रभावित करना मोहित करना किसी के मन को छूना

Some other words are here. Try
Oppress, Pressure, Suppress

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