Know about Grammar and Sentence

By | September 7, 2015
What is Grammar ?
=> Science that deals with correct use of language both in conversation and writing.
Sentence=> Group of words which makes complete sense.
Example : The Earth goes around the sun.
Where do you come from ?

Phrase=> Group of words which makes sense but not complete sense.They have no subject or predicateof their own.
Example : in search of.
as soon as possible.

Clause=> Group of words which forms part of a sentence, and contains a subject and a predicate.
Example : The man whom I hate.
While it is raining.

Types Of Sentences
Statements or Assertion 
A sentence that makes a statement or assertion.
Example : The sun rises in the east.
The cow eats grass.

A sentence that asks a question.
Example : Why did you go there ?
How old are you ?

A sentence which expresses a command, a requestor or a wish.
Example : Get out of the class.
sit down.

A sentence which expresses a sudden, strong feeling.
Example : How beautiful the sky is!
What a fine morning!