Vocab of The Day 6 September 2015

By | September 6, 2015
1. AMAROIDAL (ADJECTIVE): bitter, sour to taste
Synonyms: pungent, stinging
Antonyms: delicious, savory
Example Sentence:
Its sharp white teeth gleamed in the gaping red mouth, and I could feel its hot breath fierce and amaroidal upon me.

2. EPISTLE (NOUN): letter
Synonyms: message, communication
Example Sentence:
The thought of the unity of the Church is very prominent in this epistle.
3. LANCE (VERB): pierce
Synonyms: penetrate, bore Antonyms: close, mend
Example Sentence:
So thick is the skin, that a bayonet is almost the only weapon which can lance it.
4. TERSE (ADJECTIVE): brief, short
Synonyms: concise, precise Antonyms: lengthy, verbose
Example Sentence:
“I did not notice any sign that you did,” was the terse response.
5. DEBILITY (NOUN): incapacity, weakness
Synonyms: exhaustion, frailty Antonyms: vigor, healthiness
Example Sentence:
Here, to recover from a state of debility thus produced, a year’s rustication has been found necessary.
6. RESPLENDENT (ADJECTIVE): bright, radiant
Synonyms: blazing, glittering Antonyms: ugly, dark
Example Sentence:
The house was deserted, he was certain of that—the melancholy wreckage of a vanished and resplendent time.
Synonyms: curative, remedial Antonyms: harmful, injurious
Example Sentence:
Moreover, new research suggests that Furosemide may have no therapeutic value at all.
8. DEBUNK (VERB): disprove, ridicule
Synonyms: disparage, mock Antonyms: flatter, praise
Example Sentence:
Part of what I was trying to do was debunk what people view as the golden ages.
9. EPITOMIZE (VERB): typify
Synonyms: exemplify, personify Antonyms: obscure, reverse
Example Sentence:
Smart and ambitious, he seemed to epitomize the success of that northern migration experienced by millions of southern blacks.
10. HIDEBOUND (ADJECTIVE): intolerant
Synonyms: averse, biased Antonyms: fair, impartial
Example Sentence:
He comes from a part of the country that’s not as hidebound by caste as this country.