Vocab Of The Day 14 September 2015

By | September 14, 2015
1. SALUBRIOUS (ADJECTIVE): health-giving
Synonyms: beneficial, good
Antonyms: unwholesome, unhealthy
Example Sentence:
I assume the salubrious desert climate wasn’t the attraction.

2. PRECIPICE (NOUN): face or brink of a rock, mountain
Synonyms: bluff, cliff
Example Sentence:
We always seem to be on the precipice of falling back into recession.
3. IRRESOLUTENESS (NOUN): hesitation
Synonyms: delay, doubt Antonyms: confidence, faith
Example Sentence:
There was nothing more to say–time pressed–yet I lingered dumb and irresolute.
Synonyms: angry, crabby Antonyms: good-natured
Example Sentence:
He would get too hot under the collar and be snappish, afterwards.
5. AWOL (NOUN): state of not being present
Synonyms: hooky, truancy Antonyms: existence, presence
Example Sentence:
During a moment of crisis, the traitor was AWOL, sending the wrong signal to both countries alike.
Synonyms: abusive, disdainful Antonyms: appreciative, favorable
Example Sentence:
If I had been bred in the east, I should be tempted to say it was a contumelious responsibility.
7. EMBLEMATIZE (VERB): represent; materialize
Synonyms: demonstrate, exemplify Antonyms: hide, obscure
Example Sentence:
Serpents and dragons 82 entwine on the lintels, and emblematize the Church’s power to overcome.
8. IMPECUNIOUS (ADJECTIVE): poverty-stricken
Synonyms: penniless, indigent Antonyms: wealthy, rich
Example Sentence:
I went back to that gruesome hostelry and wrote an article on ‘impecunious Life in London.’
9. AMBULATORY (ADJECTIVE): changing position; able to move under own power
Synonyms: vagabond, roving Antonyms: settled, steady
Example Sentence:
If it’s dead, it’s undead, like the culture at large: ambulatory in the age of Twilight.
10. CAPACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): ample, extensive
Synonyms: abundant, roomy Antonyms: small, squeezed
Example Sentence:
Yet I doubt that she will become a capacious judge with wide-ranging interests and intense curiosity