Vocab Of The Day 15 September 2015

By | September 15, 2015
1. PILLAGE (VERB): plunder, destroy
Synonyms: desecrate, loot
Antonyms: receive, build
Example Sentence:
Those who carry out this pillage probably believe they can outrun their own destructiveness.

Synonyms: absurd, comical Antonyms: serious, tragic
Example Sentence:
If you fancy a bit of a laugh, watching, reading or listening to comedy can be an
gelastic way to bring the smiles!
Synonyms: confused, rapid Antonyms: clear, slow
Example Sentence:
The drug- and alcohol-fueled excesses build to a dizzying climax that leaves you reeling.
4. PRUNE (VERB): trim; cut short
Synonyms: shave, sheer Antonyms: accept, include
Example Sentence:
At that time the energies of the plant are at a minimum and you can prune more safely than at any other time.
5. MELIORATE (VERB): get or make better
Synonyms: improve, soften Antonyms: worsen, decrease
Example Sentence:
I have no interest distinct from that which has a tendency to meliorate the situation of mankind.
6. CAPITULATE (VERB): give in
Synonyms: concede, defer Antonyms: conquer, defend
Example Sentence:
As he is walking out the door, the Japanese call him back, capitulate, and a happy medium is agreed on.
7. BLASPHEMY (VERB): irreverence
Synonyms: desecration, heresy Antonyms: piety, respect
Example Sentence:
Of course, it’s an even worse form of bullying to arrest children on trumped up charges of “blasphemy.”
8. FORFEND (VERB): check, inhibit from action
Synonyms: avert, block Antonyms: facilitate, forward
Example Sentence:
Of all travelling companionship, forfend us from that of a married man!
9. AFFRAY (NOUN): fight
Synonyms: assault, attack Antonyms: peace, retreat
Example Sentence:
Nothing was done, and probably there would not have been anything done, had I been killed in the affray.
10. BELLYACHE (VERB): complain
Synonyms: bitch, gripe Antonyms: compliment, praise
Example Sentence:
He is the soothing slumber, he is the soul awake, he is the big cucumber, that gives us the bellyache.