Vocab of The Day 2 September 2015

By | September 2, 2015

1. FRACAS (NOUN): disturbance, fight

Synonyms: bickering, melee

Antonyms: calm, harmony

Example Sentence:

I fell asleep and dreamed that I was in the fracas at the end of the mole.
2. PLOD (VERB): walk heavily

Synonyms: lumber, tramp Antonyms: tiptoe, walk lightly

Example Sentence:

It was almost nowhere possible to trot, and we had to plod on, step by step.
3. FALTER (VERB): stumble, stutter

Synonyms: hesitate, wobble Antonyms: stabilize, steady

Example Sentence:

I smiled and held out both my hands to him, and I could see him falter as he looked.
4. PRATTLE (NOUN): babble

Synonyms: chatter, gabble Antonyms: sense

Example Sentence:

“That is child’s prattle,” said the young man a little impatiently.
5. ARRESTING (ADJECTIVE): noticeable

Synonyms: remarkable, striking Antonyms: unimpressive, ordinary

Example Sentence:

The film is one of the most arresting video documents I have ever seen.
6. PSYCHOSIS (NOUN): mental illness; foolishness

Synonyms: craziness, madness Antonyms: sanity, balance

Example Sentence:

The side effects from the dangerous cocktails of synthetics range from psychosis to death.
7. VAGARY (NOUN): caprice

Synonyms: quirk, whim Antonyms: constancy, dependability

Example Sentence:

He was ready for any illusion, susceptible to any vagary of the imagination.
8. DISCOUNTENANCE (VERB): reject, oppose

Synonyms: condemn, disapprove Antonyms: endorse, suppose

Example Sentence:

All citizens are urged to discountenance the building of fires.


Synonyms: critical, essential Antonyms: trivial, unimportant

Example Sentence:

Man’s nature makes it imperative for him to be interested in something.

Synonyms: rejuvenation, renewal Antonyms: destruction, exhaustion

Example Sentence:

There was no other monitoring or resuscitation equipment in the room.