Vocab Of The Day 21 September 2015

By | September 21, 2015
1. ANECDOTE (NOUN): interesting or amusing story
Synonyms: episode, narration
Antonyms: concealment, suppression
Example Sentence:
The old man completed this anecdote in tones that were slightly inflamed.

2. FLEETNESS (NOUN): haste
Synonyms: fastness, hustle Antonyms: delay, slowness
Example Sentence:
The officers refused to let him go back, and began to fleetness him forward.
Synonyms: accidental, casual Antonyms: formal
Example Sentence:
The changes now detected in response are therefore due to no adventitious circumstance, but to the reagent itself.
4. STUTTERING (NOUN): stammer
Synonyms: faltering, pause Antonyms: coherent, understandable
Example Sentence:
They asked him if he had seen another car like theirs, but he could only stutter.
Synonyms: awkward, unskillful Antonyms: expert, skillful
Example Sentence:
Microsoft has had notable successes building the Xbox business and not bungling the acquisition of Skype.
6. CENSORIOUS (ADJECTIVE): very critical
Synonyms: carping, chiding Antonyms: praising, encouraging
Example Sentence:
It was a mad world—a world in which it was not safe to be censorious.
7. MALADY (NOUN): disease
Synonyms: ailment, disorder Antonyms: comfort, relief
Example Sentence:
A solution, however, requires some consensus about what the malady is and how to treat it.
8. SIFT (VERB): take out residue; remove impurities
Synonyms: filter, examine Antonyms: combine, adulterate
Example Sentence:
They must sift through the evidence to support the accuser as well as the accused.
9. UNFETTER (VERB): set free
Synonyms: liberate, loosen Antonyms: detain, keep
Example Sentence:
To secure true progress, we must unfetter genius, and chain down mediocrity.
10. UNFROCK (VERB): oust from position
Synonyms: dethrone, impeach Antonyms: allow, promote
Example Sentence:
We cannot touch the Pope himself and we cannot unfrock his Bishops.