Vocab Of The Day 23 September 2015

By | September 23, 2015
1. ANATHEMA (NOUN): something hated
Synonyms: bane, pariah
Antonyms: love
Example Sentence:
Government regulations were not anathema to the market but requisite.

2. PREVARICATE (VERB): deceive; stretch the truth
Synonyms: belie, cavil Antonyms: confront, truth
Example Sentence:
He was not there to prevaricate, and he told them his rank and name.
3. CEREBRAL (ADJECTIVE): using one’s brain
Synonyms: analytical, intellectual Antonyms: dumb, dull
Example Sentence:
The consciousness is absolutely insensitive with regard to the dispositions of the cerebral substance and its mode of work.
4. UNSCATHED (VERB): not hurt
Synonyms: unharmed, unhurt Antonyms: injured, hurt
Example Sentence:
All members of the team apparently finished the race before the explosions and were unscathed.
5. DIKE (NOUN): embankment
Synonyms: barrier, ditch
Example Sentence:
After that, he dragged the corpse to the dike and threw it in.
6. FRENZIED (ADJECTIVE): uncontrolled
Synonyms: agitated, rabid Antonyms: happy, pleased
Example Sentence:
They lived, and were animated with the frenzied fear of trapped things.
7. QUINTESSENCE (NOUN): essence, core
Synonyms: soul, extract Antonyms: outside, extra
Example Sentence:
To the man of the world they are the quintessence of his own reflections upon life.
8. PICKET (NOUN): post of structure
Synonyms: palisade, pillar
Example Sentence:
Yet the teachers are angrily rejecting it and taking to the picket line.
9. CHARY (ADJECTIVE): careful, cautious
Synonyms: circumspect, discreet Antonyms: careless, heedless
Example Sentence:
Of such influence as he could properly exert among members of the House he was not chary.
10. SEQUESTER (VERB): isolate, seclude
Synonyms: segregate, secret Antonyms: tell, uncover
Example Sentence:
And the overall funding levels, while better than the sequester, are still awfully low