Vocab Of The Day 29 September 2015

By | September 29, 2015
1. BAGATELLE (NOUN): trinket
Synonyms: game, toy
Example Sentence:
This morning I had the “No. 9” towed to the railing of bagatelle by means of its guide rope.

2. PIROUETTE (VERB): revolve
Synonyms: turn, rotate Antonyms: steady, constant
Example Sentence:
Then, rising, she danced over to her sister, and forced her into a pirouette.
3. FUSTIGATE (VERB): hit hard with object
Synonyms: bash, whack Antonyms: lose
Example Sentence:
But on most of the occasions she only caught some fustigate for her trouble.
Synonyms: bothersome, infectious Antonyms: convenient, untroubling
Example Sentence:
The stairs that ascend to the garret are pestiferous and dingy.
5. TRAMMEL (VERB): hamper
Synonyms: disrupt, cramp Antonyms: forward, encourage
Example Sentence:
Free-Will and Providence do not trammel each other, but harmoniously co-operate to the same end.
6. PREVARICATE (VERB): deceive; stretch the truth
Synonyms: belie, cavil Antonyms: confront, meet
Example Sentence:
How could she prevaricate to the good old woman who had been so kind to her?
7. MEEK (ADJECTIVE): shy; compliant
Synonyms: docile, gentle Antonyms: bold, brave
Example Sentence:
But that mild and meek man had a certain strength of pertinacity.
8. GORY (ADJECTIVE): bloody, horrible
Synonyms: murderous, bleeding Antonyms: mild, pleasant
Example Sentence:
The broken and gory body was kicked through the railing for the last time.
9. QUIBBLE (NOUN): objection, complaint
Synonyms: artifice, dodge Antonyms: approval, praise
Example Sentence:
Most of my readers will laugh at the idea of a serious answer to such a quibble.
10. STRIDENT (ADJECTIVE): harsh, shrill
Synonyms: blatant, loud Antonyms: quiet, silent
Example Sentence:
It was high pitched and strident, as if a relentless lawyer were arraigning a criminal.