Vocab Of The Day 13 October 2015

By | October 13, 2015
1. HILARITY (NOUN): laughter
Synonyms: amusement, fun
Antonyms: sadness, work
Example Sentence:
Awkward moments and hilarity ensue until the humbled hero gets rescued by benevolent locals and in the process, gets transformed.

2. CURT (NOUN): abrupt, rude
Synonyms: blunt, terse Antonyms: lengthy, tactful
Example Sentence:
Now and then, a postcard would arrive with a curt message, typed on a manual typewriter.
3. PEEVE (NOUN): something strongly disliked
Synonyms: vexation, pest Antonyms: delight, like
Example Sentence:
Of course I know you don’t mean it—you’re simply hot and tired, and trying to work off your peeve on me.
4. INDUCEMENT (NOUN): incentive, motive
Synonyms: encouragement, stimulus Antonyms: hate, repulsion
Example Sentence:
The mode in which a man is made subservient, is by inducement and persuasion.
5. SPURN (NOUN): turn away; ignore
Synonyms: disdain, dismiss Antonyms: accept, admire
Example Sentence:
Something told me I might address you and you would at least listen; would not spurn me or turn away in hateful contempt.
6. WHIFFY (ADJECTIVE): having fragrance
Synonyms: aromatic, fetid Antonyms: odorless, foul
Example Sentence:
Go not with fine Toby men, who burn out like a candle wot has a thief in it,—all flare, and gone in a whiffy!
7. MOUSY (ADJECTIVE): drab; quiet
Synonyms: bashful, dull Antonyms: extroverted, fancy
Example Sentence:
He will work with as much zeal to snare a mousy girl as to seduce a beauty queen.
8. GUM (NOUN): sticky substance
Synonyms: paste, wax
Example Sentence:
Republicans throw up procedural obstacles just to gum up the works and run out the clock.
9. SHAMBLES (NOUN): a mess
Synonyms: disarray, chaos Antonyms: harmony, order
Example Sentence:
If they do, he could well resurrect a political career now in shambles.
Synonyms: short, rough Antonyms: definite, devious
Example Sentence:
Those who have interacted with him describe him as breviloquent, eccentric, clenched.