Vocab Of The Day 14 October 2015

By | October 14, 2015
1. JINGOISTIC (ADJECTIVE): aggressive, warlike
Synonyms: battling, brawling
Antonyms: kind, nice
Example Sentence:
I mean the people who actually saw the war through a conservative—as opposed to jingoistic and imperialistic—lens.

2. GREENNESS (NOUN): youth
Synonyms: childhood, adolescence Antonyms: adulthood, experience
Example Sentence:
After this course of study, I was not burdened with “greenness.”
3. VIRILE (ADJECTIVE): potent, powerful
Synonyms: forceful, vibrant Antonyms: effeminate, unmanly
Example Sentence:
He nodded, then his virile face changed and he gave me a sulky look.
4. INANITION (NOUN): void, bareness
Synonyms: desolation, vacuum Antonyms: fullness, capacity
Example Sentence:
And men may be over-disciplined, so that their impulses die away from inanition.
Synonyms: load, responsibility Antonyms: assistance, benefit
Example Sentence:
The line between an encumbrance and a purpose is not very clearly defined, is it?
6. ALLEGORY (NOUN): indirect representation, storytelling
Synonyms: emblem, fable Antonyms: non-fiction, truth
Example Sentence:
They are, after all, carefully selected “types,” and to isolate them runs the risk of seeing the book as an allegory.
7. REVULSION (ADJECTIVE): disgust, hatred
Synonyms: dislike, distaste Antonyms: love, liking
Example Sentence:
Or is it revulsion at the offensive incivility of the process, at the arrogance of these youths?
Synonyms: indigenous, limited
Example Sentence:
They must certainly have been looked upon, at the first, as being rustic or dialectal.
9. REEK (VERB): smell of; be characterized by
Synonyms: fume, smell Antonyms: odorless
Example Sentence:
The particulars of this case, in fact, reek with the stench of crony capitalism.
10. ENERVATED (ADJECTIVE): exhausted, worn out
Synonyms: limp, fatigued Antonyms: active, energized
Example Sentence:
I am reading of valley and mountain life, and I grow sick at heart and enervated.