Vocab Of The Day 29 October 2015

By | November 14, 2015

1. MARAUD (VERB): pillage and plunder

Synonyms: despoil, harass

Antonyms: aid, assist

Example Sentence:

That they are on the maraud is evidenced by the absence of tents.
2. DETAIN (VERB): hold, keep back; arrest

Synonyms: confine, delay Antonyms: free, liberate

Example Sentence:

That bill would also have required the police to detain them until federal agents could come and take them into custody.
3. REPAST (NOUN): meal

Synonyms: banquet, feast

Example Sentence:

His repast consisted of a sandwich and a small bottle of well-frapped champagne.
4. OOMPH (NOUN): energy

Synonyms: fortitude, potency Antonyms: enervation, laziness

Example Sentence:

All the oomph in the U.S. economy was delivered by the top 10% of households.
5. WELTER (NOUN): commotion

Synonyms: jumble, confusion Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence:

It makes us shudder instinctively, fearful lest that welter of putrefaction should be communicated from them to us.

Synonyms: incurable, stubborn Antonyms: willing, manageable

Example Sentence:

We cannot step back and believe that a less confrontational posture will lead to peace with intractable adversaries.
7. WASTREL (NOUN): loafer

Synonyms: rake, vagabond

Example Sentence:

All men marvelled that the Government of India allowed such a debauchee and wastrel to remain on the gadi.
8. MUSTER (NOUN): gathering

Synonyms: assembly, collection Antonyms: division, separation

Example Sentence:

The long march to a transformational presidency takes more patience than the press

can muster.
9. PROFFER (VERB): suggest, offer

Synonyms: propound, submit Antonyms: conceal, withhold

Example Sentence:

We proffer federally backed flood insurance at rates bearing no resemblance to the risks.
10. DOUR (ADJECTIVE): gloomy, grim

Synonyms: glum, morose Antonyms: bright, cheerful

Example Sentence:

Too often Dawkins’s anti-clerical rhetoric makes him seem like a dour and negative man.