Vocab Of The Day 5 October 2015

By | October 5, 2015
1. DOGGONE (ADJECTIVE): damned, doomed for bad ending
Synonyms: confounded, blessed
Antonyms: kind, nice
Example Sentence:
They were limited rights, but doggone it, it was a beginning.

2. UPHOLSTERY (NOUN): covering
Synonyms: filling, padding Antonyms: uncovered
Example Sentence:
The very chairs were of an architecture and upholstery incongruous to them.
3. COMPOST (NOUN): organic fertilizer
Synonyms: fertilizer, humus
Example Sentence:
At the end of a month or more, this compost will be ready for use.
4. SODDEN (ADJECTIVE): saturated
Synonyms: soaked, soggy Antonyms: arid, dry
Example Sentence:
His heavy head dropped under water, and his sodden crest rolled over, like sea-weed where a wave breaks.
5. COMPUNCTION (ADJECTIVE): regret, sorrow
Synonyms: contrition, pity Antonyms: disdain, happiness
Example Sentence:
Today, however, ambitious politicians feel no compunction at launching initial campaigns as strangers and newcomers.
6. AFFABLE (ADJECTIVE): friendly
Synonyms: amiable, sociable Antonyms: impolite, mean
Example Sentence:
I think people look at me as that, hopefully, affable host on Jeopardy, almost like one of the family by now.
7. FESTAL (ADJECTIVE): fun-loving
Synonyms: cheerful, jovial Antonyms: sad, apathetic
Example Sentence:
The aroma from these dishes floated through the festal hall.
8. PROP (VERB): hold up or lean against
Synonyms: brace, carry Antonyms: ignore, drop
Example Sentence:
His prop had broken and torn his motor clear out of his ship.
Synonyms: crush, grind
Example Sentence:
And he took her teeth out of her mouth so that she should not masticate food.
10. WREATHE (VERB): curl around, entwine
Synonyms: convolute, loop Antonyms: straighten, untwist
Example Sentence:
A sweet spirit will tune the voice, wreathe the countenance in charms.