Vocab Of The Day 8 October 2015

By | October 8, 2015

Synonyms: caustic, astringent
Antonyms: soothing
Example Sentence:
Unable longer to endure the lash of his mordacious wit, Shayon turned and left them alone on the balcony.
2. MUSTY (ADJECTIVE): stuffy, aged
Synonyms: airless, dank Antonyms: clean, fresh
Example Sentence:
While many await discovery in musty warehouses, there is at least one piece whose absence is more difficult to explain.
3. ORGY (NOUN): celebration devoted to sensual enjoyment
Synonyms: rampage, spree Antonyms: lack, need
Example Sentence:
The orgy is famous for the dash and abandon with which it is painted.
4. PARVENU (NOUN): newly rich
Synonyms: upstart, nouveau riche
Example Sentence:
It is the repose and not the struggle of the parvenu that confounds us.
5. SMEAR (VERB): rub on, spread over
Synonyms: blur, plaster Antonyms: gather, laud
Example Sentence:
He repeated his claim that the allegations were the result of a smear campaign.
6. FAWNING (ADJECTIVE): deferential, groveling
Synonyms: flattering, bowing Antonyms: unfriendly, aloof
Example Sentence:
Of course, this could be explained by the admittedly large percentage of the audience composed of fawning film students.
7. TRASHY (ADJECTIVE): worthless
Synonyms: crappy, crummy Antonyms: important, nice
Example Sentence:
I’m afraid I’ve given you trashy stuff sometimes, just to keep you quiet.
8. DAINTY (ADJECTIVE): delicate, fragile, fine
Synonyms: elegant, graceful Antonyms: crude, horrible
Example Sentence:
She carried her head with the dainty alertness of a beautiful bird.
9. VANDALISM (NOUN): destruction
Synonyms: mischief, ruin Antonyms: create, build
Example Sentence:
A ranger is always on duty to protect the ruin from vandalism and to give information to the visitors.
10. SUB-ROSA (ADJECTIVE): sneaky, secretive
Synonyms: clandestine, covert Antonyms: open, forthright
Example Sentence:
It was, he supposed, a woman’s way to be sub-rosa in such matters, and he must not blame her.