Vocab Of The Day 9 October 2015

By | October 9, 2015
1. REPROACH (NOUN): strong criticism; dishonor
Synonyms: disgrace, abuse
Antonyms: esteem, regard
Example Sentence:
As he moves towards a conclusion, he sounds an extended note of reproach.

Synonyms: acute, sharp Antonyms: blunt, low
Example Sentence:
The value of horses, as compared with their cost in the remoter islands, is double or treble in the capital.
3. TUSSLE (NOUN): struggle
Synonyms: brawl, fray Antonyms: agreement, peace
Example Sentence:
But I should say that to secure this end it would need a tussle quite as prolonged and as violent as has raged round Home Rule.
4. POMPOUS (ADJECTIVE): arrogant, egotistic
Synonyms: boastful, bombastic Antonyms: humble, kind
Example Sentence:
Her delivery was unnatural and pompous; her motions were stiff, strained, ridiculous.
5. PARAPHERNALIA (NOUN): equipment, belongings
Synonyms: gear, machinery
Example Sentence:
There were elaborate errands, chores, and routines to securing drugs and disposing of paraphernalia.
6. CONVECTION (NOUN): change of possession
Synonyms: relocation, shift Antonyms: hold, stagnation
Example Sentence:
The escape of heat from a cooling mass is effected by conduction, or by convection, or by both.
7. TRENCH (NOUN): ditch, channel dug in earth
Synonyms: dike, gorge Antonyms: closure
Example Sentence:
From the latter opened the “dug-outs” which were the dwelling places of the men on trench duty.
8. RICOCHET (VERB): rebound
Synonyms: recoil, deflect Antonyms: stay, straighten
Example Sentence:
How is he to escape this ricochet cross-firing of so many opposite batteries of police and regulation?
9. SLAKE (VERB): decrease
Synonyms: appease, quench Antonyms: agitate, anger
Example Sentence:
Every here and there by the roadside there are springs of fresh water, where travelers can slake their thirst.
10. TRANCE (NOUN): hypnotic state
Synonyms: coma, stupor Antonyms: consciousness
Example Sentence:
Everyone seems to be in a state of trance, absorbing the music, and vibrating with energy.