Vocab Of The Day 9 November 2015

By | November 14, 2015

1. BRIDLE (VERB): check, hold back

Synonyms: curb, control

Antonyms: incite, help

Example Sentence:

For the last time I say to you–turn all your attention upon yourself, put a bridle on your senses, and seek blessedness, not in passion but in your own heart.
2. STRICTURE (NOUN): censure

Synonyms: blame, criticism Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

She laughed merrily at him because his face showed that he did not appreciate that stricture.

Synonyms: cushiony, spongy Antonyms: hard, rough

Example Sentence:

Among other things, he noticed that a little trickle of water flowed across it, and that the soil was quaggy in the neighborhood.
4. INTERDICTION (NOUN): sanction

Synonyms: ban, penalty Antonyms: assistance, help

Example Sentence:

The interdiction of the precious metals was therefore of later origin.
5. CONCORD (NOUN): unity, harmony

Synonyms: agreement, amity Antonyms: hostility, agitation

Example Sentence:

The war will end when the two countries reach a concord on the disputed territory that aligns their borders.
6. SCURRILOUS (ADJECTIVE): foul-mouthed, vulgar

Synonyms: defamatory, insulting Antonyms: decent, moral

Example Sentence:

The principal warned the troublesome student about making scurrilous remarks about his peers.
7. SPOOKY (ADJECTIVE): frightening

Synonyms: ghostly, scary Antonyms: earthly, usual

Example Sentence:

Published in 2006, the novel is violent and spooky, a rumination on madness and

8. RILE (VERB): anger, upset

Synonyms: annoy, disturb Antonyms: calm, delight

Example Sentence:

For well over a century, artists have been trying to rile us, making us question ourselves and our society.
9. SLUMMY (ADJECTIVE): falling apart; in ruins

Synonyms: damaged, faded Antonyms: stable, repaired

Example Sentence:

Don’t you believe she has been led away into any slummy place, for the sake of politics.
10. FORAY (NOUN): incursion, attempt

Synonyms: invasion, raid Antonyms: idleness, laziness

Example Sentence:

My first foray toward the magazine was when I returned from living in Egypt for two years.