Challenging Words from The Article The Hindu (21 January)

By | January 22, 2018

Daily English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms with Hindi Meaning and Examples (21-01-2018)

1) Prerogative (Noun)  – (परमाधिकार) – pre-rog-a-tive
Meaning – a special right, power, or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class.
Synonyms –   entitlement, right, privilege, advantage, due
Antonyms – disadvantage, drawback,  prohibition
Example –  In some countries, higher education is predominantly the prerogative of the rich.

2) Slender (Adjective)   ( क्षीण ,पतला) – slen-der
Meaning –   very slim or lean, a situation which exists but only to a very small degree.
Synonyms –    meagre, limited, slight, modest, scant
Antonyms – massive, abundant, obese
Example – The girl was able to slip her slenderhand right under the door frame and retrieve the keys.

3)Plebiscite  (Noun)   ( जनमत-संग्रह) –  plebi-site
Meaning –   an election in which individuals cast votes in favour of or against a major proposal or candidate
Synonyms –  vote, referendum, ballot, poll
Example – The results of the plebiscite will determine whether or not the bill will become law.

4) Exaggerate (Verb) – (अतिरंजना करना) – ig-zaj-er-eyt
Meaning-  represent (something) as being larger, better, or worse than it really is.
Synonyms –  overstate, overemphasize, overstress, overestimate
Antonyms – minimize, depreciate, reduce
Example – The newspapers exaggerated the whole affair wildly.

5) Stinging (verb)  (चुभता , ताना मारता हुआ) – sting-ing
Meaning – feel or cause to feel a sharp tingling or burning pain or sensation, (typically of something said) hurt or upset (someone).
Synonyms – upset, wound, distress,incite, spur, prick
Antonyms – Gentle, mild, soothing
Example –  The novel is a stinging satire on American politics.

6) Nuances  (Noun) (बारीकियों) – nu-anc-es
Meaning –  a subtle distinction or variation
Synonyms –   fine distinction, subtle distinction/difference, shade
Example – Please be quiet so I can hear everynuance of the song!

7) Pertain (Verb) (संबद्ध होना) –  per-teyn
Meaning – related or connected to the subject being referenced
Synonyms –   concern, be relevant to, have relevance to, apply to, refer to, have a bearing
Antonyms – dissect, impassive
Example – All of the evidence and documents thatpertain to the robbery case were presented to the jury.

8) Apparent (Adjective) (स्पष्ट) –  ap-par-ent
Meaning – clearly visible or understood; obvious
Synonyms –   evident, plain, obvious, clear, manifest
Antonyms – unclear ,unrelatable ,obscure
Example –  It became apparent to everyone that Charlie was a talented actor who would one day become world-famous.

9)  Oblige (verb)  (मजबूर करन ा, अनुगृहित करना) – uh-blahyj
Meaning –  make (someone) legally or morally bound to do something, perform a good deed for someone
Synonyms –  require, compel, accommodate, indulge, gratify
Antonyms – disobey, disoblige, free
Example – Doctors are obliged by law to keep patients alive while there is a chance of recovery.

10) Override (Verb)   (अवहेलना) –  o-ver-ride
Meaning – To use one’s authority to cancel or overrule the action or decision of another
Synonyms –   disallow, overrule, countermand,
Antonyms –  accept, assume, abide
Example – The president has decided to overridehis advisors’ decision and put his own plan in place.

11) Sovereignty (Noun)   (संप्रभुता) – sov-rin-tee
Meaning – supreme power or authority.
Synonyms –  power, authority, jurisdiction, dominion, control
Antonyms –  dependence, servitude, retention
Example – The sovereignty of Holland and Zeeland was offered to the queen of England, but she declined and promised secret support.

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