English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms (02 January 18)

By | January 2, 2018

Important daily 10 Challenging English Words in the Article of the Day with Hindi Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms and Examples (02-01-2018):

1. Diurnal (adjective): (On daily basis/having a daily cycle that is completed every twenty four hours usually referring to task and processes) (दिन का/प्रतिदिन का)
Synonyms: Daily, Circadian, Quotidian, Every Day, On Each Day.
Antonyms: Nocturnal.
Example: John found it hard to work a diurnal Job after being on the night shift for fifteen years.

2. Simulacrum (noun): (An image or representation of someone or something.) (प्रतिरूप)
Synonyms: Semblance, Image, Representation
Antonyms: Original, Dissimilarity, Unlikeness
Example: The painting’s simulacrum was sold as an original by the shady art dealer.

3. Reckon (verb): Establish by calculation. (संगणित करना /हिसाब लगाना)
Synonyms: Calculate, Compute, Figure, count, Tally.
Antonyms: Guess, Estimate, Ignore, Neglect.
Example: The government reckons the tax increase will bring in well over five million pounds in revenue within the first year.
Verb forms: Reckon, Reckoned, Reckoned.

4. Cabal (noun): (A secret political clique or faction.) (गुट/गुप्तदल)
Synonyms: Clique, Faction, Coterie, Group, Set, Camp, Gang, Caucus.
Antonyms: Individual.
Example: Hundreds of workers formed a cabal to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the firm’s new policies.
Verb forms: Cabal, Caballed, Caballed.
Related words:
Cabal (verb) – To engage in the activities of a cabal

5. Ilk (noun): (A type of person or thing similar to one already referred to.) (के जैसा)
Synonyms: Type, Sort, Class, Category, Group, Genre.
Example: Because I do not earn a huge salary like pro football players, rappers, and others of their ilk, I do not live in a mansion.
Origin: Old English ilca means ‘same’, of Germanic origin.

6. Callous (adjective): Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others. (कठोर/संवेदनाहीन)
Synonyms: Heartless, Unfeeling, Apathetic, Indifferent, Insensitive.
Antonyms: Caring, Compassionate, Concerned.
Example: Despite her wealth, the old lady was a callous woman who never gave to anyone in need.
Related words:
Callously (adverb) – संवेदनाहीन ढंग से
Callousness (noun) – निर्दयता

7. Segue (verb): (Move without interruption/ to make a smooth transition from one state to another.) (आसानी से परिवर्तन करना/अवस्था का)
Synonyms: Move Smoothly, Transit Easily, Proceed Easily, Continue In Motion.
Antonyms: Interrupt, Halt, Impede.
Example: While speaking about the homeless in the city, the speaker was able to segue to the next the topic by providing similarities between two topics.
Verb forms: Segue, Segued, Segued.
Related words:
Segue (noun) – An act of continuous un-interruption.

8. Unabated (adjective): (Without any reduction in intensity or strength.). (अक्षीण/अक्षय)
Synonyms: Unrelenting, Unfaltering, Incessant, Persistent.
Antonyms: Relenting, Surrendering.
Example: The unabated success of his plans, led him to the top position in the company within a year.
Verb forms: Abate, Abated, Abated.
Related words:
Abate (verb) – To become null and void

9. Trounce (verb): To beat thoroughly/ to defeat heavily. (हराना)
Synonyms: Defeat, Beat, Rout Vanquish, Conquer.
Antonyms: Lose, Surrender, Give In, Fail To Win.
Example: With the outstanding performance of ball and bat, Indian team has trounced all the teams at home in 2017.
Verb forms: Trounce, Trounced, Trounced.

10. Myopic (adjective): Lacking foresight or intellectual insight. (अदूरदर्शी)
Synonyms: Unimaginative, Uncreative, Narrow-Minded, Lacking Foresight.
Antonyms: Far-Sighted, Broad-Minded.
Example: The conservative talk show host has a myopic viewpoint and is never willing to listen to his guests’ perspectives.
Related words:
Myopia (noun) – Lack of foresight or intellectual insight/the quality of being short-sighted.
Origin: from Greek myōpia retaining original sense.

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