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By | January 12, 2018

➡ Whatever Happens, Happens For The Good

Once upon a time there was an old man called Yugiyama, in a small village in Japan. He lived alone as his only son had gone far away to study. Yugiyama was a nice and friendly man who was liked by all the people in the village. He had a very positive view of everything that heppened around him. He never grumbled or complained about anything. The villagers would often come over to the old man’s house to express their sympathy as his only son had gone far away and even at this old age he had no one to look after him and support him. They often wondered about if his son would ever return. As a reply to all their concerns, Yugiyama would always thank them and asy. “Whatever happens, happens for the good.” No one ever understood why he was never sad about his son’s absence.

One day, Yugiyama’s son returned to the village after completing his education. His son had become a merchant and was earning very well. He took great care of his father. Everyone was not only amazed at Yugiyama’s luck but they were also very happy for him. Streams of villagers came over to congratulate him and like always, the old man was polite. He thanked all of them for coming over and said, “Whatever happens, happens for the good.”

Barely a few days had passed, when one day; Yugiyama’s son fell off a horse’s back and broke his leg. Once again the entire village came over to Yugiyama’s house to express their concern and again the old man thanked them for their sympathy and said, “Whatever happens, happens for the good.” Some of the villagers were surprised to hear this and wondered what good could there possibly be in this situation as his son had broken a leg and old Yugiyama would have to take care of him.

A month later, the kingdom to which Yugiyama belonged and the neighbouring kingdom had a war. The king announced that they needed more young men in the army. A small troupe of the army came to the village and recruited, all able bodied young men into the army. They did not give anyone a choice. Even those who were reluctant were forced to join the army. When they came to Yugiyama’s house they found his son with a broken leg. The army leader told Yugiyama, Your son is injured and so he will not be of any help in the battle field. Thus they left him behind, Once again, all the villagers came to the old man’s house to congratulate him for his good luck. They said, You are lucky that your son was not recruited. Otherwise who would have looked after you? Like always, the old man thanked them and said, “Whatever happens, happens for the good.” It was only then that the villagers understood the true meaning of Yugiyama’s words.

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