Daily 5 English Vocab Words in Detail – 09 February

By | February 9, 2018

Daily Vocabulary ( 09 February 2018 ) : 5 Word
Synonyms: cliff, crag
Antonyms: plain, straight
Example Sentence: There was a deep precipice along the road.

2. KIBBLE (VERB): Crush
Synonyms: crumble, grate
Antonyms: build, liberate
Example Sentence: I kibbled red black pepper and cheese in my dish.

3. MUSTER (NOUN): Assembly
Synonyms: gathering, roster
Antonyms: division, separation
Example Sentence: They mustered at the playground.

4. EFFETE (ADJECTIVE): Self-indulgent
Synonyms: spoilt, destroyed
Antonyms: disciplined, proper
Example Sentence: He is an effete kid.

5. CORDIAL (ADJECTIVE): Warm-hearted
Synonyms: affable, friendly
Antonyms: hostile, indifferent
Example Sentence: If you treat people in a cordial manner, they will treat you well also.


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