Daily English Phrasal Verb/Idiom of Day – 09 February 2018

By | February 9, 2018

Phrasal Verb of the Day
Allow for
✔ Meaning:
▪ To consider something, or take it into account, when making plans or making a decision

✔ For example:
▪ Don’t forget to allow for inflation when estimating your future expenses.
▪ You should allow time for traffic jams when deciding what time to leave for the airport.



Idiom of the Day
Time after time
✔ Meaning:
▪ If you do something time after time, you do it again and again, or repeatedly.

✔ For example:
▪ We’ve told our son time after time to call us if he’s going to be late, but he still forgets sometimes.
▪ Tiger wins major tournaments time after time. He really is a champion.

✔ Note: The idiom “time and time again” has the same meaning, and can be used in the same way.


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