Daily English Phrasal Verb/Idiom of Day – 13 February 2018

By | February 13, 2018

Phrasal Verb of the Day
Put aside (1)
✔ Meaning:
▪ To save or reserve something, like time, money, food, etc., for a particular purpose, or for use in the future

✔ For example:
▪ Laura put aside a few dollars a week for her granddaughter’s education.
▪ He tries to put one day a month aside to visit his mother and take her shopping.


Idiom of the Day

A ballpark figure | a ballpark estimate
✔ Meaning:
▪ If you give a ballpark figure or a ballpark estimate, you give a number which you think is fairly close to the actual one.

✔ For example:
▪ We don’t know the exact cost, but a ballpark figure would be around six million dollars.
▪ I know you can’t tell me exactly when it’ll be finished, but can you give me a ballpark estimate?

▪ Origin: From baseball, and probably having a history similar to that of the idiom “in the same ballpark” which means “approximately the same amount”.

▪ Variety: This idiom is typically used in American English but may be used in other varieties of English too.


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