Daily English Phrasal Verb/Idiom of Day – 22 February 2018

By | February 23, 2018

Idiom of the Day
Cook the books | cook the accounts
✔ Meaning:
▪ If someone cooks the books, or cooks the accounts, they keep inaccurate accounts for a business, usually in order to pay less tax.

✔For example:
▪ Their accountant was charged with cooking the books, and now he’s in jail.
▪ I found this website that shows you how to cook the accounts, but I’d never try doing it.



Phrasal Verb of the Day
Take back
✔ Meaning:
▪ If a store takes back something they’ve sold, they allow the buyer to return it for a refund, or exchange it.

✔ For example:
▪ I decided I didn’t want the new shoes, so I called the store and told them and they said they couldn’t take them back because I’d worn them.
▪ Our policy states that we will take back goods and give a full refund if they are in perfect, as-new condition.


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