English Vocabulary with Synonyms and Antonyms – 22 February

By | February 23, 2018

Daily Vocabulary (22 Feb 2018 )5 Words
1. ADMONISH (VERB): warn
Synonyms: berate, chide
Antonyms: laud, praise
Example Sentence: He was admonished by his teacher.

Synonyms: abhorrent, atrocious
Antonyms: desirous, pleasing
Example Sentence: It was such an abominable sight.

3. AMBIGUITY (NOUN): uncertainty of meaning
Synonyms: doubt, vagueness
Antonyms: clarity, certainty
Example Sentence: The students detect no ambiguity in the speech delivered by the master.

4. ADJOURN (VERB): stop a proceedin
Synonyms: delay, postpone
Antonyms: carry out, continue
Example Sentence: The sentence was adjourned for a social inquiry report.

5. AUSPICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): advantageous
Synonyms: felicitous, opportune
Antonyms: unpromising, unsuitable
Example Sentence: It was not the most auspicious moment to hold a meeting.


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