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By | December 4, 2018


Thorns To Throne

Ferruccio was born in a farmer family in 1916 in Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. From his early childhood Ferruccio was fond of engines. His fascination evolved from his father’s equipments. As he grew up, he learnt to experiment better with making and repairing of various vehicles. Later he joined army in Regia Aeronautica . Sincer this place was quite a laid back with no repairing facility to cars or trucks, Ferruccio learnt to repair the broken down vehicles. Eventually he became popular as an expert at mechanical engineer as he would even improvise and fix engines.

After his turn-over with army completed, he opened a small garage of his own. He realised that there was a severe need of tractors in the farm lands and so he started converting the army trucks into tractors. As the demand began to rise, he started manufacturing his own tractor engines. By the year 1940, he was able to open his own comprehensive factory and started making its independent engines and transmission units.

Ferruccio received an overwhelming response and his tractor business become a huge hit. In the year 1960, Ferruccio decided to celebrate the success of his tractor business by buying himself the most prestigious car for himself –The Ferrari! However, he was not very happy with some of its performance areas like inferior clutches and noisy gearbox. Ferruccio decided to visit Enzo Ferrari, the owner of Ferrari Motors. He told Ferrari about what he felt about the car.  He put forward some suggestions and told him about the refinement that some of the features needed. However, Ferrari felt offended and shrugged off all his complaints. Not only this, he said he did not need any advice from a person who was a tractor owner. Enzo Ferrari’s undermining words, “You stick to tractors and let me build sports cars,” became the sole reason for Ferruccio to shift his business from farm vehicles to super power cars.

That day Ferruccio decided to manufacture his own top notch performance car. He erected a car with the help of an engineer Giampaolo Dallara who had earlier worked on a Ferrari V12 engine. They founded a factory in Sant’Agata and in next four decaded what they did became history.

Do you know who is Ferruccio? He is the Italian industrialist and entrepreneur Ferruccio Lamborghini! The one who is known world- wide as the inventor and creator of one of the most fashionable, lavish, high-performance and opulent cars of all time!

Who doesn’t dreams of owning a Lamborghini today?

– Divya Mirchandani

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