Chemistry related GK Questions for SSC

By | July 25, 2015
1. What is added to LPG to help warn of gas leaks?
Answer: Ethanethiol or Ethyl mercaptan
2. What is the Chemical name of the bleaching powder?
Answer: Calcium hypochlorite
3. What is the chemical name of the Table salt?
Answer: Sodium Chloride

4. What gives hardness to water?
Answer: Chlorides and sulfates of calcium and magnesium
5. Which gases are the constituents of the Ammonia gas?
Answer: Nitrogen and hydrogen
6. What is produced through the Haber- Bosch process?
Answer: Ammonia
7. Which chemical is used in the cloud seeding or the artificial rain?
Answer: Silver iodide
8. What is ‘Dry Ice’?
Answer: Solid Carbon Dioxide
9. What was once called ‘Lunar caustic’?
Answer: Silver Nitrate
10. Which chemical is also known in the names ‘Blue vitriol and Bluestone’?
Answer: Copper sulfate