One Word Substitutions

By | August 13, 2015
=>Lexicographer= an author or editor of a dictionary
=>Theology= study of religion and religious ideas
=>Numismatics= , the study of coins
=>Anthropology= study of mankind
=>Entomology= study of insect
=>Astrology= the study of stars to predict the future
=>Astronomy= the study of stars and planets
=>Pathology= the study of disease

=>Horology= the art of designing and making clocks
=>Apiology= scientific study of bees
=>Cardiology= scientific study of human heart
=>Apiology= scientific study of bees
=>Cynology= scientific study of domestic dogs
=>Dendrology= the study of tree
=>Dermatology= study of the skin
=>Genetics= the study of heredity
=>Numismatic= one involved in the study of coins and medals
=>Ornithology= the study of birds
=>Entomology= study of insects
=>Enology= the art of wine making
=>Felinology= the study of cats
=>Graphology= the study of handwriting
=>Gynecology= study of women
=>Hepatology= study of liver, gallbladder, biliary tree
=>Hippology= the study of horses
=>Nephrology= study of the kidney
=>Neurology= Study of the nervous system Oncology study of cancer
=>Ophthalmology= study of the eye and eye diseases
=>Orology= study of mountains & their mapping
=>Oncology= study of cancer
=>Audiology= study of hearing disorders
=>Seismology= Study of earthquakes
=>Serpentology= study of snakes
=>Toxicology= study of poisons
=>Zoology= the study of animals
=>Pediatrics= branch of medicine dealing with children
=>Orthopedic= related to treatments of bone, joint, and muscle problems
=>Hydrology= study of water
=>Meteorology= the study of weather
=>Petrology= scientific study of rocks
=>Calligraphy= the art of fine handwriting
=>Cacography= bad handwriting; poor spelling
=>Telegraph= writing from a distance
=>Chirography= the art of handwriting
=>Photograph= picture drawn by light
=>Cartography= The science of making maps
=>Biography= a book written about a person’s life
=>Lithography= printing from a flat stone
=>Autobiography=person’s life story written by himself
=>Autonomy= (n) self-government, political control
=>Automobile= a self-propelled passenger vehicle that moves
=>Automatic= self acting
=>Autograph= a person’s own signature
=>AUTOCRAT= dictator, a dictator
=>Philanthropy= love of mankind
=>Bibliophile= a lover of books
=>Anthrophile= Lover of Man
=>Philanthropy= love of mankind
=>Philogeny= Evolutionary history
=>Philology= study (love) of language and literature
=>Androgyny= a blending of masculine and feminine attributes
=>Omniscient = all-knowing
=>Omnipresent= present everywhere
=>Omnivorous = eating every kind of food
>=Omnibus= an anthology of articles on a related subject or an anthology of the works of a single author