Vocab Of The Day 1 October 2015

By | October 1, 2015
Vocabulary Words – 01.10.2015
1. ASCRIPTION (NOUN): attribution
Synonyms: credit, recognition
Antonyms: disclaimer, dishonour
Example Sentence:
But I pay no attention to this ascription of greatness; I laugh at it.

2. HECTOR (VERB): bully
Synonyms: nag, irritate Antonyms: assist, aid
Example Sentence:
They were headed by an old man, and a gigantic sort of hector, who would not keep his
hands off our carts.
Synonyms: rugged, rocky Antonyms: level, flat
Example Sentence:
A letter-carrier will cover thirty-five miles of hilly road as an ordinary day’s march, and more if haste is enjoined.
4. HUBRIS (NOUN): arrogance
Synonyms: audacity, cockiness Antonyms: humility, modesty
Example Sentence:
Each Year arrives, waxes great, commits the sin of hubris, and then is slain.
5. PERFIDY (NOUN): treachery
Synonyms: betrayal, dodge Antonyms: fidelity, loyalty
Example Sentence:
His not having spoken of marriage may add to his perfidy, but can be no excuse for his conduct.
6. ENTHUSE (VERB): desire, lust after
Synonyms: fondle, gush
Example Sentence:
Replace worry-thought with an opposite thought which will occupy the mind and enthuse the soul.
7. TEMPESTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): wild, stormy
Synonyms: turbulent, breezy Antonyms: mild, moderate
Example Sentence:
The sun went down on its wrath, and its night was tempestuous.
8. DREDGE (VERB): deepen
Synonyms: widen, clean Antonyms: lower, shrink
Example Sentence:
Then wipe the pieces, season them with pepper and salt, and dredge them with flour.
9. ABDICATION (NOUN): relinquishment
Synonyms: abandonment, surrender Antonyms: allowance, approval
Example Sentence:
The time came when I knew that our abdication was simply a crime against the soul.
10. EDIFY (VERB): instruct
Synonyms: enlighten, uplift Antonyms: learn
Example Sentence:
The teacher’s goal was to edify her students and not just force a handful of facts down their throats and test them on their ability to memorize them without understanding.