Vocab Of The Day 15 October 2015

By | October 15, 2015
Synonyms: battling, brawling
Antonyms: kind, nice
Example Sentence:
When switched off to save supply, the result was pestilential odor.

2. ACCOUTER (VERB): furnish
Synonyms: array, outfit Antonyms: unclothe
Example Sentence:
Let us exchange shields, and accouter ourselves in Grecian suits; whether craft or courage, who will ask of an enemy?
3. SEDULOUS (ADJECTIVE): assiduous
Synonyms: active, diligent Antonyms: lazy, sluggish
Example Sentence:
Sedulous attention is paid to the effect of each employment upon children of different temperaments.
4. DENUDE (VERB): strip
Synonyms: bare, expose Antonyms: conceal, cover
Example Sentence:
To survive, farmworkers and peasants had to denude themselves to disease.
5. STERILE (ADJECTIVE): unproductive, clean
Synonyms: antiseptic, arid Antonyms: cheerful, fertile
Example Sentence:
Making peace with your enemies can be pragmatic and lasting; making peace by ignoring their enmity is foolish and sterile.
Synonyms: drowsy, listless Antonyms: active, awake
Example Sentence:
Having no leader, it is vague, somnolent, and takes little interest in current events.
7. CONTAGION (NOUN): infection
Synonyms: contamination, illness Antonyms: purification, cleanliness
Example Sentence:
At the start of contagion, this merger of our mutual interests hits the mark.
8. MULISH (ADJECTIVE): obstinate
Synonyms: adamant, dogged Antonyms: obedient, compliant
Example Sentence:
I was just mulish, I guess, because you were trying to stampede me.
9. CURMUDGEONLY (VERB): irritable, often due to old age
Synonyms: crusty, grumpy Antonyms: happy, cheerful
Example Sentence:
Curmudgeonly comedian Gilbert Gottfried has a voice and laugh as damaging as fingernails on a blackboard.
10. ROPY (ADJECTIVE): stringy
Synonyms: hairy, pulpy Antonyms: non fibrous
Example Sentence:
When unpacking the meat watch the brine to see that it is not ropy or moldy