Vocab Of The Day 26 October 2015

By | November 16, 2015

1. EXPOUND (VERB): talk about in great detail

Synonyms: clarify, exemplify

Antonyms: complicate, confuse

Example Sentence:

He recognized me from TV, and began to expound his political opinions.
2. KINDLE (VERB): start a fire

Synonyms: ignite, inflame Antonyms: extinguish, quench

Example Sentence:

But she also acknowledged that she no longer stops by newsstands and often reads on her kindle.

Synonyms: lively, sprightly Antonyms: inactive, lethargic

Example Sentence:

Finally, after a couple of thwarted attempts, a chipper male voice announced that you had arrived.
4. HOMESPUN (ADJECTIVE): spun from home

Synonyms: rustic, crude Antonyms: complex, difficult

Example Sentence:

We are thirsty for his signature wit, warmth, and homespun wisdom.
5. HUNCH (VERB): cower, crouch

Synonyms: huddle, stoop Antonyms: straighten, stand

Example Sentence:

On the other hand, I have a hunch that Lady Gaga will pay some heavy dues for this career move.
6. RUDDY (ADJECTIVE): pinkish, blushing

Synonyms: blooming, flushed Antonyms: pale

Example Sentence:

His complexion was ruddy, his fair skin burnt from time in the sun.
7. SIMIAN (NOUN): ape

Synonyms: gorilla, monkey

Example Sentence:

The simian submits with odd readiness to the loss of this privilege.
8. POCKMARK (NOUN): pit like scar

Synonyms: blemish, dent Antonyms: bulge, mountain

Example Sentence:

Great sink holes, some of them six hundred feet deep and more, pockmark the surface of the land.
9. ASININE (NOUN): senseless

Synonyms: absurd, draft Antonyms: bright, smart

Example Sentence:

Asinine comments like this leave the President looking like the only mature kid in town.
10. CAGEY (ADJECTIVE): tricky

Synonyms: circumspect, shrewd Antonyms: honest, naive

Example Sentence:

I can see how it would make people come across as cagey or aloof.