Vocab Of The Day 3 November 2015

By | November 14, 2015

1. DRUTHERS (NOUN): liking or inclination toward something

Synonyms: affection, fondness

Antonyms: dislike, hatred

Example Sentence:

Given his druthers he lives on a diet of wine, bread, fish, and olive oil.
2. FLOUT (VERB): show contempt for

Synonyms: defy, disregard

Antonyms: approve, honour

Example Sentence:

Republicans could flout their own resentments and true believers.
3. BUTTRESS (VERB): brace, support

Synonyms: abutment, pier

Antonyms: opposition, disapproval

Example Sentence:

Newspaper citations flash on the screen to buttress the parade of horrible.
4. MANACLE (NOUN): handcuff

Synonyms: bond, chain

Antonyms: unbinding

Example Sentence:

Although the blood was bursting from the nails he forced his hand through the manacle.
5. RAPT (ADJECTIVE): absorbed, fascinated

Synonyms: delighted, enthralled

Antonyms: sorrowful, unhappy

Example Sentence:

This testimony caused three young men on the jury to lean forward in their chairs, where they remained in rapt attention.

Synonyms: airy, stormy

Antonyms: calm, still

Example Sentence:

The morning was squally, and the sea rolled boisterously into the Sound.
7. CON (NOUN): trick

Synonyms: bluff, cheat Antonyms: honesty, truthfulness

Example Sentence:

He could be a “con man” lying about or at least exaggerating his accomplishments.
8. ABYSMAL (ADJECTIVE): great extent; immeasurable

Synonyms: boundless, complete

Antonyms: infinite, low

Example Sentence:

Over the last year, nothing he could do had much of an impact on his abysmal

approval rating.
9. SALACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): lascivious

Synonyms: indecent, lewd

Antonyms: pure, moral

Example Sentence:

I mean, calling it that is probably why people are expecting it to be salacious and along the lines of what the book was.
10. TENACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): strong, unyielding

Synonyms: cohesive, determined

Antonyms: afraid, irresolute

Example Sentence:

She seldom showed any anger; but when she did it was tenacious, and slow to be appeased.